Join us at St. Stephen the Martyr and become a part of our church community.  Please fill out St. Stephen the Martyr Parish Registration Form and drop it off or mail it to: 23331 Sam Fred Road, Middleburg, VA 20117. If you have any questions, contact us at (540) 687-6433 or send us an email,

For those interested in joining Saint Stephen the Martyr and Saint Katharine Drexel Mission from outside of our geographical boundaries, please see the below Parish Membership Policy for more information about how to register with us.

For families with catechetical aged children (Grades 1-8), please note that the deadline to submit your request to register at the Parish (including a completed Parish Registration form and letter of intent as outlined below) must be submitted by July 29th and registration for Religious Education must be completed by August 15th.


Parish Membership Policy: 

St. Stephen the Martyr and St. Katharine Drexel Mission are defined by geographic boundaries determined by the Diocese of Arlington. The Pastor is entrusted with the care of souls who live within his territorial boundaries, principally providing the ministry of the sacraments and the religious education of children.

Residence within parochial boundaries, whether or not registered with the Parish, determines true “member of the Parish” status. Canonically any Catholic residing within the Parish is a parishioner, whether or not he or she is active or registered. For better care of souls, we encourage all parishioners to register with the Parish. All those wishing to register who live outside the boundaries may do so at the Pastor’s discretion. Currently, membership is extended to those who live in next-door parishes and aren’t deemed to live too far away. To attain this status, an individual or family is to submit the filled-out parish registration form with a letter addressed to the Pastor requesting membership and stating briefly the reasons for the change. It ought to include a statement of intention to change parish registration from a former parish (if it applies) to St. Stephen the Martyr or St. Katharine Drexel (as it applies). If these requests come from a family with catechetical aged children, they will not be accepted one month before Religious Education begins. Upon the start of Religious Education, families from outside the parochial boundaries may register, but any children who are in a sacramental year of preparation will be enrolled for the first year of the obligatory two-year preparation.




SSM Parish Registration form

SSM Spanish Parish Registration form

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